Open Diabetes Framework
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 06:55
Idea Outline
A framework for patients and clinicians dedicated to diabetes. The domain model is managed via app & website. Other modules include: reward module initiated by insurance companies to reward compliance, trending module and Watson integration module.

The Challenge
Diabetes is an easily manageable condition if a high level of patient compliance can be achieved. As regularly monitoring glucose levels, diet and exercize are a disruption in the daily life, lack of adherence to the treatment is a real issue. In order to design treatment regimens that can increase compliance, parties like governmental institutions and insurance companies need to understand the trends in the society both globally and locally regarding the management of diabetes. It's expected that new associations between diabetes and other conditions will be revealed by research. Specialists may be up-to-date with the latest developments, but generalists - like family doctors - will benefit from a knowledge system which can provide them with actualized data on a need by need basis.

The Solution

Central to the framework is a domain model (e.g. a database) holding data per patient and available as a cloud service. Each patient has access to his/her data, clinicians can see the entries of more patients.

A module rewards the patient (e.g with discount coupons) for providing the glucose level daily, keeping the level inside healthy limits etc.

For the trending module we’ll use third party software.

We’ll investigate the possibilities of collaboration with IBM in order to build the Watson module. This year IBM has made Watson available as a service and is interested in finding partners.

Finally the data will be aggregated and anonymized via a separate module for use in the above mentioned research of global and local trends.

Target group and social impact
Main target groups are diabetes patients and clinicians. The patient sees the glucose level plotted over time and an indication if the current level is acceptable or if action is needed. With the reward system we address the problem of adherence to treatment. For clinicians the integration with Watson allows them to maintain contact with the latest research and trends. Health Insurance Companies are increasing their efforts in lowering treatment costs. The rewards system will help them in achieving their goal. We intend to convince them to finance discount coupons and buy the framework for patients and clinicians, if this brings a higher rate of prevention compared to treatment. The aggregated and anonymised data will interest governmental institutions, as well as insurance companies.

Competences of the applicant
A group of 3 software developers is collaborating with NovioSense BV. NovioSense BV is a Dutch medical device company with specific expertise in developing innovative tele-health solutions for diabetes management. The developers have 4 to 6 years post-academic experience in developing professional software applications.

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