Dyne:bolic 100% Free GNU/Linux Nomadic Media OS
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 13:26
Idea Outline
Dyne:bolic is a live operating system running from CD or USB. It is designed to run on old computers, preserve users privacy and comes ready with applications for media production. It is 100% free (vetted by the FSF). We intend to build version 4.

The Challenge
Dyne:bolic aims to provide its users with an operating system that can run on old and recycled PC computers and still allows its users to absolve advanced media production tasks. Its developers work on it with artisanal attention to details, crafting it using only free and open source software (no proprietary drivers) and paying attention to protect users privacy by avoiding any connection to cloud services, profiling or advertisements of sorts. As a visionary project born in 2001, life hasn't been easy for dyne:bolic: most of its target users aren't able to donate money on-line and at that time there was no crowdfunding hype. We have lost the train of the "sharing economy" that arrived later on, but now we want to revamp d:b with a new release and a sustainable model for its future. \o/

The Solution

We intend to build a new dyne:IV core based on a modern Linux kernel, GNU tools and unique features:

- Docking (installation)
- Nesting (private and portable file storage)
- Module SDK (easy to develop and install .dyne application bundles)
- 100% Free (submitted to the Free Software Foundation peer review)
- Full of multimedia applications
- Well documented user manual

This is an ambitious goal. If the community votes us to engage it, this CHEST award will let us start with solid steps.

With the money awarded we intend to move immediately into code: actualize the dyne:bolic Zsh scripts and make an image based on latest technologies and that can be also installed.

After that we will seek more support and value the community interaction around dyne:bolic to complete all features.

Target group and social impact
The Dyne:bolic project is one of the few operating systems recommended by the Free Software Foundation, it is part of the Linux audio consortium and has been nominated among the top 10 open source projects in 2005. In its lifespan this project has been redistributed by computer and game magazines all across the world, it has been adopted by various schools, universities, community initiatives, medialabs and public institutions. Among them the Ircam Centre Pompidou (FR), Providence Univ. Taichung (TW), Tecnhische Univ. Ilmenau (DE), Netherlands Unix User Group (NL), Instituto de Computação Uni de Campinas (BR), Heraklion University Crete (GR), Ibiblio public library, UNESCO, National Institute of Design (India) and the percussion festival in Louga (Senegal).

Competences of the applicant is a non-profit foundation committed to research and development of free and open source software: since its birth in 2000 several radio makers, humanitarian organisations, artists, medics, activists and educators employed and redistributed its software worldwide and free of charge. is currently lead by Jaromil, creator of various software and maintainer of dyne:bolic GNU/Linux.

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    Dyne:bolic fosters many things: freedom, creativity, justice, equality. It really needs to be supported and gain more exposure in the world.

    Each independent, actively maintained and fully libre GNU/Linux distribution presents an enormous cultural heritage and endorses progressive peaceful society.

    dyne:bolic gives you freedom, privacy and tools to create, share and participate with highly innovative software and a vision of it's own - have used and loved d:b for years, version 4 is much needed and anticipated.

    Well worth supporting Dyne:bolic GNU/Linux Media OS - definitely.

    Best Linux I have ever tried since 2003

    Dyne:bolic is really an art-school-in-a-box, much more than a distro.

    i used dynebolic for years.its functioning right out of the box.
    a lot of free tools for your freedom and creativity.
    thanx a lot for this wonderful distro.

    I hope this fund will give you the opportunity to continute the good work done with Dyne:bolic.

    Make that old machine work like your personal instrument!
    Play it!

    When we have made the first arduino-pure data workshop in West Africa, in 2008, in Ker Thiossane Art Center in Dakar, Senegal, it was the only distribution correctly running on some old computers of the participants.

    Big idea, very usefull!!

    I like this animated animal - more gifs to vote!

    I have been using dynebolic for over a decade on different machines - including legacy systems - and found it a useful nomadic/mobile and backup system for when everything else fails. I value its dedication to privacy and media production. As one of the pioneers of current mobile systems, it has currency and relevance and deserves this opportunity to update and upgrade.

    Quality media production should not be limited to those with expensive computers. With dyne:bolic, it won't be!

    dyne:bolic is a great distribution which is not only fully free but makes the best use of old hardware.
    It enables you to surf the web as anonymous as possible. Media production works as well as consuming media :)

    I have use dyne:bolic for quite a while on older systems. The low hardware footprint makes it perfect for peoples on a budget which easily can (re)use PCs which are over 10-15 years old.

    Bringing dyne:bolic to the lastest version(s) for kernel, drivers and included tools will enhance the support for newer PCs.

    I've used Dyne:bolic in the past and it delivered what it promised - it ran beautifully on old hardware and came with a lot of useful software. I would love to see an up-to-date version. Being a live cd/usb and using only free software - free refers not (only) to the price, but to the *freedom* given to users - makes it possible to verify that the user's privacy is respected, there are no hidden surprises.

    dyne:bolic is a great idea, I've been chacking it for a few years, it's a complete new idea to empower computer users, it looks great, simple and very useful, it worth the support.

    Dyne:bolic is a change from the expected norm of following the trend to use the latest all powerful computing systems at the expense of creating larger land fill sites. This dynamic project allows the computer poor to utilize systems that are older and not able to operate the latest power hungry OS, however they can use this nomadic OS either on a USB or CD to give computers a continued and meaningful use.

    Dyne:bolic is a much needed project and should be supported by all.

    when i first heard about dyne:bolic years ago i was really really excited to experience another world i imagine is not only possible but also it in practice already in somewhere. dyne:bolic (in fact all the work of hackers) is more than software, practical implementations of political ideas for a possible another world. i personally experienced the early versions of dyne:bolic and believe in that hackers really deserve appreciation not only for their current and future projects but also for what they have already done in terms of free softwate and free culture..