Crowdinnovation platform for sustainable packaging
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 15:09
Idea Outline
We will initiate a European platform that compiles best practice cases for sustainable packaging design, hosts sustainable design competitions and thereby builds up a directory of best practice cases for sustainable packaging design.

The Challenge
Unsustainable design has become a major issue: 12% of fruits and vegetables, 9.5% of seafood and 4% of meat are lost within distribution and retail – i. a. caused by bad packaging design. Every European citizen produces more than 160 kilos packaging waste a year. The growing e-commerce sector is in need of more sustainable packaging solutions. We need more sustainable packaging solutions to reduce the packaging waste as well as food waste within distribution and retail caused by the use of unsustainable packaging. Beyond that, we can create new jobs and save our environment. Thus our idea makes a positive contribution to both a more sustainable Europe – both economically and environmentally.

The Solution

We will initiate our platform that compiles best practice cases for sustainable packaging design, hosts sustainable design competitions and thereby builds up a directory of best practice cases for sustainable design.

With crowd innovation competitions, we can challenge European designers to develop further sustainable solutions for packaging design. Hence, companies are able to express their needs and wishes, while designers can create and upload their solutions. By enabling this exchange, we bring together innovative designers and manufacturers, thus putting the entire creative European potential to use.

If we received a grant, we would
• Develop our platform
• Initiate our first sustainable design competition
• Start with a best practice directory

Target group and social impact
Our target group involves the entire European packaging sector with a special focus on design and engineering students. Our platform will bring together designers, developers and manufactures, inspire the packaging sector and mobilise design and engineering students with our competitions. By getting people to share their ideas and drafts for sustainable packaging design, we can accelerate sustainable packaging design being put to use all over Europe. If we can shift packaging towards a more sustainable and efficient way of production and design, we will be able to reduce packaging waste and thereby lower the amount of resources needed.

Competences of the applicant
Social Value GmbH is a social entrepreneur aiming to raise awareness for social innovation and dedication through online competitions. Since 2008, we have created and run over 60 online challenges with more than 4.000 NGOs and reached an audience of more than four million people. Among others, we have worked for Hewlett-Packard, the Deutsche Post, several banks and newspapers.

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    I like thie idea and wish you good luck with it! Hope you get it realised

    This idea could revolutionize the European packaging market, and help packaging companies cut down on their ecological footprint. I hope it wins. After all, we all share the same earth, and things that can reduce our waste of resources are always good.

    Greetings, Steffi Küschnei

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    Use more animated gif movies!

    witte kool

    short comments are a signal that a project buys votes trough amazon mechanical turk, congratulation here are real comments but this project won´t make it, it has not enough comments.

    Une très bonne idée qui pouurait resoudre un des plus grand problème du présent. Non seulement la réduction des déchets mais aussi la réduction de la consommation de ressources pourrait être réalisé avec ce platform envisagé!

    Here are many Long comments, a real discussion....

    Hi SV-Team! I am a research fellow at the Faculty of Design at UAP Muenster. Me and my team are planning an project on sustainable packaging, maybe we could collaborate on this? Anyway I hope you get a chance to implement your idea. I'll forward your projects to my project team, maybe they can add something here!

    Research fellow here! I agree that the Problem, and by extension of course it's solution too, are highly relevant - which is we started our research project. Looking forward too seeing how your project will turn out!

    An idea worth following. Being a frequent traveller I see enormous amounts of non-reusable, non-resource-conserving packaging in just about any of the EU member states. Would love to see a visual representation of your idea. Best luck! - Chris

    tykkään paljon! hyvää juttu

    What I like is the point that the idea is clear and focused. A realistic approach, may be u might miss the app, augmented reality and web2.0 issues, but I think THAT is the real realistic focus. It is a bit silent project, which seems realistic. As a design student I would like to see what kind of competition such a portal will host. You could create a real benefit, becaus is should be easy technology. Keep going.

    realistic idea, I would participate in such a competition. +2 points!

    You should cooperate with the foodentrepreneur idea - could be a good combination, ur saving wasted food and they are marketing better food. Could be an option, or?

    Smart idea and certainly doable. I also agree teaming up with packaging experts would make for a great case study. Looking forward on seeing how you plan on expanding on this.

    Sarah, Lukas I think it would be a good approach to try and see how a colaboration could take shape within our two projects. As I see it, while we are more focused on local markets, the packaging is inherently more sustainable, since you are buying in bulk. However we are aware there is still too much packaging involved that could be smartly reduced and redesigned!And your idea could very much help it. Lets see if we manage to make this true!

    Seems like an idea worth following up and certainly an interesting way of tackling this problem.

    A few questions: How do you plan to spread the word via facebook and pinterest exactly? Are you planning to build an app for that or would you utilise an existing project page?

    Idea Submitter

    Hello kmueller,

    we want to use the results an ideas from all crowdinnovation contests to create an directory of sustainable packaging solutions.

    On Pinterest we want to create chanells for all examples so that you can search of examples for solutions. You are looking for solutions for a better packaging for a certain issue (i.e. for vegetables or fruits (where up to 1/6 gets lost trough bad packaging design) and you will find examples on our pinterest channel. Facebook will be used to share all the examples with our own facebook group where designers and students will find interesting examples, news and competitions.

    I generally like the idea, but I have one question: What exactly is meant by a best-practise cases directory and how would that help?

    Idea Submitter

    Thank you for your question.

    With the grant, if we would receive it, we would aim to build a platform on which we would like to include a directory of best-practice cases. This would be a compilation of examples of sustainable food packaging meant to inspire engineer and design students to come up with own ideas of sustainable food packaging. We believe that though this platform we will be able to focus the collective genius and innovative ideas for the sustainable good of Europe.

    Great project!
    Highly innovative idea in today's world. Sustainable packaging is highly needed in the present consumer market with higher urban populations and more/diverse urban populations. Packaging technologies have been slow to catch up with commodity sales, therefore, such a platform would help to make packaging more sustainable.

    I totally agree with you! It really annoys me that most of the things I buy come with unhandy and wasteful packaging that serves no other purpose than being thrown away.

    I like the idea of bringing students and professional designers together aswell as the concept of innovators matching with designers. Crowdsourcing could realy make a difference when different stakeholders are joining this platform. It sounbds realistic, because this idea combines several innovative elements to one big picture. Good luck.

    Smart idea, not soo highly innovative (no app, no augmented reality - does not sound so web2.0) but realy solid and realistic - combining tools in an interesting way. Sound good and doable. Good luck!

    They always keep people updated. - Reba Rambo-McGuire