Tomb - the Crypto Undertaker - for the masses!
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 11:23
Idea Outline
Tomb is a minimalistic, free and open source tool to keep secrets in custody and access them easily. It works on GNU/Linux. We want to port Tomb to new platforms, make video instructions on how to use it and add features to support more hardware.

The Challenge
Keeping secret files in a safe place over long periods of time has never been easy . Users have plenty of choices, but most are proprietary, many are based on unsafe and centralized network storage, some are too complex to last long (like Truecrypt, just recently). This leaves us with a lot of different methods, different interfaces and the insecurity of losing our data to software obsolescence. Not just that: often cryptographic software has usability issues and lacks to promote good practices like backups of information in a form that can survive mass storage decay, but also users forgetting their passwords. In most applications lenghty procedures are needed to access files, preventing people from storing sensitive information they need to access or update often.

The Solution

Tomb is a free and open source system for easy encryption and backup of personal files, written in code that is easy to review and links commonly shared software components.

Tomb improves user habits when handling sensitive data: separates password sealed keys from storage, facilitates the storage of backup keys on images and paper backups, allows on-line storage making sure that service providers cannot access the data.

With the CHEST award we intend to share the advantages of Tomb with users of more operating systems and to produce video tutorials outlining good practices in digital privacy. We intend to document Tomb's internals to help user space applications converge on a durable format based on open and portable standards, while investigating new hardware platforms for deployment.

Target group and social impact
The internet offers plenty of free services, on the wave of the Web2.0 fuzz and the community boom, while all private informations are hosted on servers accessed by abusive corporations or corrupt governments. Our target community are those engaged citizens operating in places endangered by conflict where a leak of personal data can be a threat. Tomb is already being used by journalists, activists and self-determined subjects around the world, despite the fact it has no graphical interface and requires GNU/Linux to run. Standing on the success of the way Tomb designs the interaction with data and keys, we intend to expand its benefits to a larger user base and to establish safe practices in desktop and mobile based computing.

Competences of the applicant is a non-profit foundation committed to research and development of free and open source software: since its birth in 2000 several radio makers, humanitarian organisations, artists, medics, activists and educators employed and redistributed its software worldwide and free of charge. benefits of the voluntary work of both activists and cryptographers for the design of software.

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    I'm using Tomb daily. This is a reliable, portable and transparent encryption tool that allows anybody to actively defend freedom of expression.

    This tool became critical when TrueCrypt was busted recently. Contrary to TC, it has no hidden part, no bells and whistles: it does the work, using proven cryptographic tools. No surprise. Solid stuff.

    Using it since 2012, really a GREAT security tool! I never seen something so powerful.

    Thanks for the idea. That's a great tool.