Kid Smile: bring your baby smile always with you
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 15:34
Idea Outline
Did you leave your child at home with a baby sitter? Thanks to Kid Smile, you can have a look at your child whenever you want and wherever you are. By means of a simple TV, you can bring a smile to her when she needs and “calls” you.

The Challenge
Due to the evolution of current society, more and more women can access the working world. This phenomenon leads them to simultaneously carry out two different activities: their profession and the care of their own kids. Being able to combine profession and kids is not easy. Only a few mothers can rely on their relatives; instead, most of them need to rely on a stranger, such as a baby sitter. In both cases there is no possibility for a mother to monitor her kids directly whenever she wants, and no possibility for a kid to see her mother whenever she needs. Because time spent with kids is very important, it is challenging to find new ways to help mothers and kids in this setting. Our solution aims at giving a mother the possibility to look her kids also when she is at work.

The Solution

This framework is conceived to support the interaction between a kid and her mother. A possible scenario could regard a kid at home (possible with a baby sitter or with her grandmother) and her mother at work (think, for instance, of a manager). The mother has a smartphone or, better, a pair of smart glasses. Whenever she wants she can monitor her kid by means of this device. In any case, when her kid cries or moves very much, a sensor device in the cradle or in the room alerts her. At this point, she can activate a camera to see what happens, and, if she wants, she can also activate a projector or a TV in the room where her kid stays and can communicate with her.

Target group and social impact
Mothers, who work or travel, perceive the need to observe their children in each moment of their day and from any place which they are located in. Kid Smile can allow parents to satisfy this need. It could be extremely useful for mothers who want to continue to work after parturition. This framework can give them a serenity that would be difficult to obtain if they renounce to their work or, alternatively, if they work but cannot monitor their kids. By means of the existing technologies and their simple usage, the adoption of Kid Smile is low-cost because most of the adopted devices are already owned by users.

Competences of the applicant
Barbiana 2.0 is a research laboratory and an incubator of innovative ideas at University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria. Its main skills regard Mobile Computing, Crowdsourcing, Social Networking, Artificial Intelligence. EssereStartUp ascertained the world of startups and launched "pro bonus" activities for those who dediced to "jump directly in the game" by starting their own business.

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    I think that this would distract the mother from work, and young children cannot recognize the face of their mother via a monitor. They need their mothers to be close! So either, the mother decides to focus on her career and doesn't have kids or she focuses on being a mother and being there for her child. Both is not possible, not even with such a device.