Multi-Touch Globe: have the world in your hands
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 16:04
Idea Outline
Look at the earth closely, move through the streets, keep your favorite places, monitor the weather conditions and learn geography in a totally innovative way. Multi-Touch Globe allows you to have the world in your hands!

The Challenge
Geography has been always considered a mnemonic subject of study, with the only purpose to keep in mind world capitals, seas, mountains or rivers of our planet. Traditional teaching is, therefore, static and boring, unchallenging in the presence of modern technologies that allow people to get any kind of information quickly. As evidence of this last trend, currently people generally do not organize travels or displacements using maps, but rely on a satellite navigator or a smartphone exploiting GPS technology. We think that these new technologies could allow people to re-discover the real sense of geography, which aims at encouraging the understanding of culture diversity, the knowledge of different places and ecosystems, the existing relationships among different countries.

The Solution

This project consists of a Touch Globe that allows all the gestures currently possible on Google Earth, but on a true glass globe which it is possible to interact with. The idea is to show the image of the earth globe from the inner of a transparent and immobile sphere. The user will not see the classical static globe, but the image of an interactive Earth which can be seen in different ways. With Multi-Touch Globe it will be possible to perform different actions, such as:
• pinch to zoom on desired places, until to Street View visualization;
• visualize the current weather conditions or the weather forecast;
• save preferred places and insert notes and images about them;
• visualize streets in maps;
• visualize Points of Interest;
• share search results with other users.

Target group and social impact
In these last years there was an enormous diffusion of devices that exploit touch technology and provide a totally different and innovative user experience. These devices play a significant role and cover a huge portion of users in the world. In fact, users are highly fascinated by the opportunity to interact with a software in a rapid and intuitive way. Multi-Touch Globe aims at providing a contribution in this setting and at increasing the already strong interest in these technologies, by introducing new functionalities with high goals. These regard new approaches to learning and new ways of entertainment, which become fascinating and, at the same time, fruitful. The ultimate goal is to allow more and more persons to discover the wonders of our planet.

Competences of the applicant
Barbiana 2.0 is a research laboratory and an incubator of innovative ideas at University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria. Its main skills regard Mobile Computing, Crowdsourcing, Social Networking, Artificial Intelligence. EssereStartUp ascertained the world of startups and launched "pro bonus" activities for those who dediced to "jump directly in the game" by starting their own business.

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