Take Care – A smart device ... Just in case
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 17:05
Idea Outline
Does your old mother live alone? Thanks to Take Care, you are alerted and, if necessary, can communicate with her whenever she needs or wants. By means of a simple wearable device, such as a bracelet, your mother and you will have no anxiety anymore.

The Challenge
Currently, the number of old people in the most developed countries is constantly increasing. Furthermore, thanks to modern medicine, people easily reach a very old age. In the meantime, often, all their children work. As a consequence of this trend, there are more and more old people who live alone. In this scenario, a device allowing to send alerts and start a communication whenever necessary is a valuable support. It could significantly improve quality of life and social care for the ageing population by providing a minimally invasive and a smart solution in case of emergency.

The Solution

Take Care is a smart wearable device with some sensors and components allowing alerts and communication with a remote device. It is conceived for old people. Its sensors allow the monitoring of its owner movements and, when these are unexpected, activate an alerting system, which calls the remote device. This last could be owned by a relative who, in this way, is quickly alerted, can communicate with or reach her. In a dual fashion, if the relative wants to monitor the old person she/he can do it. Take Care could have several sensors, such as a smoke detector, a sensor fire, and others dependent on the people illness. This way, it can represent a complete monitoring and alerting system allowing its owner and her relative to live without anxiety.

Target group and social impact
Take Care has the potential of substantially prolonging the time that elderly people can live independently at home. In doing so, it also reduces worries for senior people relatives. The approach used to implement device’s features is unique in its market segment. When operational, Take Care will provide an innovative reference and showcase to compete in the global market of emergency technologies for elderly people.

Competences of the applicant
Barbiana 2.0 is a research laboratory and an incubator of innovative ideas at University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria. Its main skills regard Mobile Computing, Crowdsourcing, Social Networking, Artificial Intelligence. EssereStartUp ascertained the world of startups and launched "pro bonus" activities for those who dediced to "jump directly in the game" by starting their own business.

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