Search By Values
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 21:19
Idea Outline
Search By Values is a social platform that allows users to reveal and visualize the VALUES BEHIND THE ECONOMY, which are then used for a search engine that helps people find companies, products or services that MATCH their own principles or values

The Challenge
The economy is the blood, the carrying element of society; it allows us to TRANSFER and exchange knowledge, products or services, and also VALUES and principles. But we tend to ignore that last part, so money becomes BLANK AND BLIND, its origins and its real purpose are forgotten and values that we do not share begin get UNINTENDED SUPPORT from us. Our challenge is to allow anyone to REVEAL and socially track the positive values –whatever they may be– that are being put into action with the flow of the economy, without having to create a competitive ranking or a predefined set of labels that would require a strong inspection infrastructure to be trusted. This way, will we be able to choose which reality we want to support with our money.

The Solution

The solution is conceived as an open source web and mobile application that relies on two main elements: a socially crowdsourced database and a easy-to-use search engine. The database will be fed by users rating or "valuing" and tagging companies and products with the positive values and principles they see in them.
The application will allow anyone to see that –until now hidden– aspect in two different ways:
A. By CHECKING which values are in place when browsing (as a browser plugin) or visiting a company (as a mobile app).
B. By SEARCHING for a product or service with specific values and finding your way into an economy that fits your own values.
The quality and truthfulness of the comments/ratings will be encouraged by each user's contacts, as in a trust-based social network.

Target group and social impact
The target group potentially includes every proactive person participating in any economic activity as a CLIENT or a CONSUMER. The social impact of making the society SELF-AWARE of the values that are running through its economy can barely be evaluated, but it is potentially huge. By making economy more TRANSPARENT and visualizing the positive expectations –in terms of values– we put on it, economic actors will begin to purposefully act according to them. This way, we think we will be able to unlock and support a huge range of changes for the better.

Competences of the applicant
We are a multidisciplinary and well cohesioned team of professionals that came together with a clear purpose: conceive, launch and nurse projects that reconnect the economy with the values and aspirations of society through bottom-up processes and open tools. For that purpose, we are constituting as a non-profit organization and bringing together a talented and committed development team.

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    i dont know the solution to wake people to get more pople must be but i think the main problem is to know people more through some kind of question table about them , their interests,likes ideas i think there must be some new creative media home comunnity to let people to grow their creative ideas some kind a house they must know better egzample they must think about energy concept in tn that new home media creative house some kind a that also they must think about permaculture solutzion for their new home media HOME i think that is the main problem in our comunity through this kind of social network there is to much confuson between post and between profiles and now is so much who is who main concept is in free software and more free software days conferences like open your mind open your source sorry for my english and brain storming but i have ideas for better comunnity this is only a thinking now in this moment i also have some kind new concept about system for house with intranet and internet solution on which i am working these days but problems of everyday sociaty they created i mean money , values who is who and who has more goods then the other man that is main problem i called order of people and order of time they stoled our precious time but soulution egzist i understand the problem but we mustr work very hard to create better world and sociaty community whatever