Kitasia - the first "collaborator" for parents
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 21:36
Idea Outline provides the first "collaborator" for parents looking for day care (German: day care = Kita). Parents can find the right solution themselves, thanks to the collaborative comparison and evaluation of day care centers by other parents.

The Challenge
Finding the right day care is an important concern for parents. But, until now, there has not been a platform in Germany that collects and shares the knowledge and experience of parents for one of a child’s most important developmental phases.

The Solution

The idea behind Kitasia is to link parents together and thereby help them to share their experiences and knowledge regarding day care.
With this project, we will create the first online platform to inform parents about kitas and empower parents to find the right solution themselves. This is accomplished specifically by the comparison and recommendation/evaluation of day care centers by the parents.

Furthermore, Kitasia offers sustainable innovation through the use of Open Data. All data collected will be edited and freely available (e.g. for developers). (For more on Open Data, see:

Kitasia will provide:
* Kita profiles with educational philosophy
* Map/location display
* Ranking/Voting
* Comments
* Registration
* Open Data API

Target group and social impact
Our primary objective is social sustainability, as parents will be empowered to co-create an important part of their social network. Kita administrators and local governments will also benefit from the networking and pooling of parent’s knowledge and experience. Benefits for parents: * comparison of Kitas, their philosophies and offerings * simplified research * other parent’s experience Benefits for Kitas: * positive online marketing * parent recommendations * quality control through comparison with other Kitas Benefits for administrations/local governments: * insight into parent’s view of Kitas * service for parents/citizens * service for businesses (e.g. compatibility of career and family, location, attractiveness for families) * support for citizen engagement

Competences of the applicant
We are Stefan an Peter: Internet strategists and web developers. We dedicate our free time to not-for-profit projects meant to better society. An example: “Stefan’s Music Workshop”, co-created with the conductor of the Neubrandenburg Phil. The project won the German Webvideo Prize 2013 in the category FYI and was also nominated for the prestigious Grimme Online Award:

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