Cogmosis- Greater concentration in education
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 23:39
Idea Outline
We wish to explore the feasibility of providing greater levels of quantitative data within the classroom (through development of interactive quiz/tests) to assist parents/guardians analyse & interpret concentration levels within school aged children.

The Challenge
The ability for a child to concentrate/focus within an academic environment is a pivotal topic in regards to their perceived future potential (Washbrook et al 2013 etc.). It is as much true for a child within the very earliest stages of educational development, as it is for one that is preparing to leave the formal education system (UK-18 yrs). With so much riding on a key characteristic it is astounding that analysis of focus/concentration performance within classrooms is left primarily to the interpretation/observations of (often overworked) school teachers. Assessment is open to misinformation, heavy bias and in some cases (ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia) a lack of knowledge,understanding or training towards specific conditions. Greater data will enable a much richer image of a child's situation.

The Solution

Our idea addresses this absence of quantifiable data head on. In short, we plan to explore the feasibility of an iOS app that will contain a number of fun low-impact tests/quizzes aimed at analysing the concentration levels of a child. We aim to utilise existing literature, research and knowledge within the child development area, create a multitude of child-friendly questions, and then incorporate them into a format that will promote engagement. This questions will then be arranged in a structured manner that will present opportunity to gauge base-line results, which can be used to ascertain progress and current 'standing' within a larger data set. A key challenge will be to structure any resultant output in an easily digestible manner so they are actionable by parents/teachers.

Target group and social impact
The target group will be parents, guardians and education professionals of children aged 5-18 (i.e. Primary & Secondary education). The target group will not be limited by socio-economic status or bounded by heterogeneous variables within either the individual child or the 'assessor' (parent/teacher). Instead we hope that any resultantant data can be disseminate to create as a future discussion platform within this area of interest. There is a large potential impact at both an individual level and from a wider societal viewpoint. There is a strong potential for further resultant projects to develop deep understanding of geographical/social/other variable anomalies. Morals/Ethics are key and will allow legislators to develop understanding/knowledge without compromising individual privacy.

Competences of the applicant
Our personal network includes primary/secondary school educators, child development academics & iOS professionals. We have direct involvement within the Dyslexic field and have a wide ranging knowledge of techniques/strategies used to addresses concentration (/frustration) related issues. We are passionate about concentration within education and are committed to exceeding our objectives.

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