Oïké.coop : A critical personal path to knowledge
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 20:49
Idea Outline
How to access to the knowledge as relevant for you ? With help of others. We propose a tool for organising the knowledge in function of yours individual interest with the aid of the others. As a commons, organized with a cooperative form.

The Challenge
Permit to integrate GLAM, professionals and users in to construction of a global system of social prescription in the knowledge to produce a new publishing ecosystem.

The Solution

We want create an tool (internet) for to aggregate and connect the metadata of the books, web sites and all other type of resources (museums, conferences ...) you consider relevant for knowing a precise question.
This tool permits to organise graphically this metadata and add comments and evaluation of all elements.
This personal space will be open to all for add, comment and connect metadata. Two visualisations are possible :
* Your personal choices in the space;
* The choices of the others.
In this way, your personal work to organise your knowledge on this theme is extended, corrected and commented by others.
This is our value proposition.
With the award we will test the idea (value) and we will fix the specifications for the prototype

Target group and social impact
Oïké.coop address to the general public, mainly in EU, who needs a personal and trusted source for the information. We have identified different segments of public, very implied in this problem, where to developping experimental offers: * Members of societies amateur research * Museums and libraries interested in offering its audiences an interactive tool to strengthen its role The beneficiaris are the users, the knowledge intermediaries, and the creators of new content. Socialy, we propose all content as commons, in our platform as free and in open licence (p2p licence). We we organize as cooperative (SCIC) involving all the composants of enterprise (users, producers and intermediaries) with a democratic governance in one nonprofit platform.

Competences of the applicant
The project is incubated at Alter'incub, incubator for social innovation at Montpellier, France and we are selected as project. We are 3 persons in the project. Jordi Prat Homs with a long experience in the publishing industry; Vincent Bonhomme enthusiastic scientist in evolutionnary ecology and science dissemination and Aldo Pasquali librarian at Florence, Italie

Video Link
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  • Knowledge Society and Education

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  • Social Software
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