netizen - identity management and internet privacy
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 13:38
Idea Outline
We are digital, even digital natives. And we love it. Our aim is to manage and curate your Internet Identity and help you protect its privacy. At the same time, get the best deals and advertisements according to your real identity and location.

The Challenge
Internet offers never ending ways to express ourselves and this is how our Internet Identity is built up. However, sometimes we are not really aware that companies gather fragmented data from internet users to generate user profiles which are offered to advertisers looking for targets. Users' concern about what happen to their data and how are they profiled increases. This process happens in complete obscurity to the user. We want to offer transparency to users in this regard. On the other hand, businesses and online advertisers are also worried about advertising companies that generate bogus traffic and click fraud for their ads. Keywords are Cooperation, Transparency and Privacy. It's all about better buying online through curated advertisement campaigns. Specially to mobile users.

The Solution

See attached picture.
Our proposal is to help users take control over their Private Digital Consumer Profile and manage their real consumer preferences and profiling.
User data is anonymised and and it is used by the advertisement engine to search or generate bid requests in real time for advertisements that match the profiles.
The procedure is secure for both advertisers and customers so that advertisers know their ads are served to real customers.

Investigation of current (user centric) profiling algorithms.
Research on real-time advertisement technologies.
Cryptographic solutions to ensure privacy and high data quality and capable of operating fast !
Describe the components and the interfaces.
Features of a user interface to manage the profile.

Target group and social impact
Our idea is targeted to all Internet consumers, both fixed or mobile and companies. We are looking for active customers that want to take control of their privacy and consumer profile in Internet. Because they know that if they don't, others will do for them. There are lots of users that believe that online advertisements could be better and fit their real needs in real time while respecting their privacy. On the other hand, we have already millions of companies that rely on current online advertisement campaigns and we also have other lots of companies that don't do it yet because they don't think it could be useful: local shops, organic shops and alike. We are looking for a platform that will also help to fill this gap between mobile Internet users and businesses.

Competences of the applicant
Jordi Jaen Pallares freelance Researcher and Developer from Barcelona living in Berlin. M.Sc in Telecommunications Engineering and former Fraunhofer Institute fellow researcher. Research Topics: Networking, Cryptography, IT Security, Multimedia and Mobility. Interested in Internet Privacy and collaborative mesh networks. Keen about technological solutions and new market niches for innovation.

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