PlayBasketNow - Do you want to play?
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 08:23
Idea Outline
PlayBasketNow is a social platform and smartphone app that helps people to quickly organize basket games with friends and other people around. Everyone who wants to play can easily know whether someone is recruiting players for a game.

The Challenge
A lot of people play basketball and many of them are truly in love with this sport. When you are young you can afford to play it on daily basis, but as your commitments grow is always more difficult to find time for a play. The main problem to get sporadic games is the organization: it's not easy find other people who can play in the same spare time. Another issue could be the lacking of basket players in your circle of friends. Sometimes you want to organize a play only with specific kind of players (low skilled, high skilled etc...) because you are searching for specific level. Even if you suddenly get free time it's difficult to be able to have a play as here and now.

The Solution

We want more basket plays. Apart stating the obvious, we want to build a big community around basketball. A site and smartphone app will be developed. Using geolocation everyone could find all the people who want to play a game close to him in the near future. After the game the score and the members will be saved for future statistics. Every register member can ranks all players who played with and the whole system will be integrated into facebook, in order to share photos related to a specific games(maybe stats too). As member you will be able to propose a play in the near future, in a specific location and if you set the event free, every people searching for it near there will find the event. You can set various kind of trainings too and other people can join if they like.

Target group and social impact
We expect social impact to be huge and to push more and more people to play basket since it will get a lot of pubblicity over social networks. A lot of people who want to play basket but can't organize or find other people for an easy play, will be able to start to fall in love again with this beautifull sport. PlayBasketNow will increase health and promote sport as well. Another important aspect is that will promote a real socialization between people. Think for a stranger who moved in a new town recenlty, he/she will find new friends easily going to organized games. Probably one of the first social network that actually force people to go out.

Competences of the applicant
I'm a basket player, economics student and PR for a lot of social events. I'm supported by a couple of programmers(friend of mine) who have a lot of experience in developing social stuff and smartphone apps.

Video Link
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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Health and Demographic Change

  • Tecnology Category
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile
  • Social Software

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    quest' 'e una ottima idea, mi piace.
    grazie ragazzi

    Great!! You got the game guys! I support you, that's awesome!!! :D

    I love it!!! <3 Please do this :)

    I think that your idea sucks!!
    what about those good players without smartphones?
    In our court
    when someone arrives, the use of high-tech is forbidden!!

    You have no chance, my friend

    I love basketball!

    I understand your point of view, but gadgets like smartphones are important to allow us to organize the game as here and now!!!! Well, you can visit the site at home with your pc if you like ;)

    C'est une très belle idée vue les difficultés rencontrées pour organiser un simple match entre potes et fan de Basketball,sinon je voudrais te soumettre une idée que j'ai eu à ce propos:
    une app où les user peuvent mettre leur adresse et la distance max qu'ils peuvent parcourir pour allez jouer et les différentes dates et heures de disponibilités qu'ils pourront ajourner en temps réel et aussi chaque user pourra activé un match en inserant le lieu et les heures de disponibilité du stade et ainsi donc les autres user recevront une invitation et pourront dire si il veulent y participer ou non
    bref voilà un peu ce à quoi je pensais

    Idea Submitter

    Thank you guys for supporting the idea, there is one day left... keep pushing!!!! :D

    Yeah... very nice idea!! :)

    Great!! I'm a basket player fanatic, I want it!!!! xD

    We just spoke about this yesterday after the game!! :) It will not solve most of world's critical problems but it will help us for sure!!!! Yo!! :D

    non gioco a pallacanestro

    Noi di solito usiamo la nostra pagina facebook per metterci d'accordo
    ma una applicazione web, forse ci sarebbe comodo

    ottima idea ragazzi!!!

    Que guay!!!

    finalmente alguien piensa en el verdadero deporte
    no como esos farsantes que patean el balon y se creen jugadores

    un 10
    por esta idea

    Idea Submitter

    Keep spreading the word people!! And inform all basket players :)

    Of course ;)

    Awesome!!!! :-)

    Mi piace l'idea perché promuove la partecipazione(e lo sport) al di fuori dei social network. Finalmente un app che fa realmente incontrare le persone!!!

    Great!! Every basket player here will love the idea ;) I will spread the word!!!!