Frutta Urbana maps, picks, distributes urban fruit
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 09:21
Idea Outline
Frutta Urbana is based on the concept “tree to table”. Information about fruit trees and crops is gathered on an online map. A net of green jobs workers, volunteers and welfare organizations is involved in the project to make it sustainable.

The Challenge
Fruit consumption is gradually decreasing at the expense of a sustainable and healthy diet. In cities fruit grows abundant everywhere, is not chemically treated and ripens on trees, keeping its nourishing properties. However nobody picks it, leaving it falling on the ground and wasting it. This causes serious public space management problems. Fruit growing in cities represents a great potential from multiple points of view: environmental, social and dietary. The project offers to the Community an original, ecological and free service: fruit delivery to charities and food distribution centres and at the same time improved knowledge about the existing botanic assets and redesigned public space with new functions and old and rare varieties of fruit trees planting improving biodiversity.

The Solution

The award is necessary for the studying, analysis and identification of the geographical area and the ideal characteristics for the development of the pilot project, evaluating the cost-benefit and financial analysis. Participation, dissemination of project values and transfer of useful information, the organization of work and related initiatives will be ensured by a web site and a interactive map available online. The map will be self-powered by the contributions of those who wish to support the project. This first step will be followed from other fundamental aspects: creating an app to coordinate mapping, collection and distribution, construction of network of cities in which to replicate the project; construction of new orchards.

Target group and social impact
Target groups include voluntary citizens and school classes (mapping, learning how to manage private and public fruit trees and how to harvest, buying products resulting from the project activities, supporting); users of charity organizations (eating harvested fruit and learning fruit trees management and harvesting techniques as job opportunities); professionals in the field teach and spread technical knowledge about fruit trees in cities and design new orchards. The project combines environmental sustainability, social inclusion, management of pubblic space and common goods, research and cultural objectives, promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing and exchange between people and professionals with the aim of recovering and making the most underutilized fruit crops in the city.

Competences of the applicant
We are an interdisciplinary non-profit association: Architects, Landscape Architects, Agronomists, Forest experts all committed to take care and help transform public space through Community participation.We design gardens and urban spaces but also services and products promoting knowledge and behaviours, focusing on social and environmental impact, we believe both essential aspects of urban life.

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    Great idea! I have always believed we should have fruit trees in the streets...

    Fantastic idea!

    their is a german platform doing similar stuff:

    maybe you can cooperate and translate their platform instead of building another one?

    a wonderful, simple, usefull, eco-green, social, natural and realistic project to support, live and enjoy!
    get involved by the fruit world!!