Health and Social-Service Network
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 09:32
Idea Outline
Establish a social-healt-network by a bundle of "hardware", "software", "social-ware" and "cooperation-ware". Those goods are strictly bound on democratic values, the thoughts of self-help, solidarity and prosuming.

The Challenge
Demographics changes population and the growing gap between the rich and the poor. In close connection with that transformations stands an individualistic lifestyle and increasing disintegration in traditional family-structures. Market doesn't solve every individual problem since our national social security systems dissolve. In between nationstates welfare and commecial market solutions a intermediate network resolves the lack of social and economical-capital for individuals. This network has to be community based and includes health- and social services, from prosuming agents as well as from professionals. This all will take place on a democratic and solidary base, supported by a bundle of software, organizing and coordination hours of work and a high learning-curve for all participants.

The Solution

Our network is best described by a circulus virtuosus between innovation and positive feedback of its four incrediens: "Hardware" is needed to give organisation and bureaucracy a location. Hardwear maintains the "Software", a virtual platform that consists of a bundle of open source online modules (shopping-, social-network-, mapping-, erp- and a self-accessment module). Software is played by "Socialware", what on her part is best decribed by social-capital. Finally "Coopware" give the rules for the play: prosuming (mix the roles of consumer and producer for example with D.I.Y. or barter networks), self-help, democracy and solidarity. ACTIVITIES: 1. a fair and a network-conference 2. a online commitment survey to implement the software 3. acquisition of jobs that are spread by our net.

Target group and social impact
The concept manly is written for one targed group: people with functional diversity. Further prosumers we acquise from students, families, unemployed people and civil society in general. A special target group within the third sector are our main networkpartners „FIW“ (, the district centers „Forum 2000“ ( and „K.I.O.S.K.“ ( and divers activists association such as „Transition Town Freiburg“ ( or GWÖ ( Moreover we work together with professional free-lance(rs) and other agents within the health-sector as well as with semi-professionals. We attain through our Health and Social-Service Network more social sustainability by empowerment, financial help for deprived and structural opening.

Competences of the applicant
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  • Health and Demographic Change

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    Idea Submitter

    Sorry, because of a software bug O:=) I could not fill in the "competences of the applicant". Therefore I paste it below:

    Our project manager is Nils Adolph (*1979), a social activist for half of his life and therefore big in networking and social capital. The other half he studied sociology and practical philosophy in several cities and countries, completed with a PhD on University of Basel (CH). Studies and actions he also turned into money: as CSR-tutor he managed not only in third sector projects but also projects in software business.

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