Posted on 31/05/2014 - 10:40
Idea Outline
CivilSummit will allow each registered user to learn about, debate and vote on official initiatives that are currently being discussed in their national parliament and local government

The Challenge
Most of us would agree that no matter where we live in this world, that our governments do not function in the best way, they do not represent us very well. In Britain, for example, only one third of people think that the present system of governing the country works 'well' or 'extremely well' – with an overwhelming majority of the public feeling as though they have ‘not very much influence’ or ‘no influence at all’ in decision-making within both their local community (73%) and the country as a whole (85%). All in all: we hardly know what's going on in the Parliament, we don't like the present system of governing, and we would like to participate more.

The Solution

CivilSummit will provide an accessible platform to allow each registered user to learn about, debate and vote on official initiatives that are being discussed in the parliament (that is their local, regional, and national parliaments, also allowing for international contribution).

Your online activity can be visible to your followers with your permission, allowing the information to go viral. Like this, each initiative can receive an overwhelming number of votes, whereby millions of voices will collectively enforce politicians to react upon the public opinion.


We will develop the public beta version.

Target group and social impact
The target group is very broad. Anyone using social media and interested in politics will benefit from it because they will be able to participate in democracy easily by creating a dialogue between representatives and those being represented. All kinds of minorities will be able to spread their messages more efficiently, people's trust in democracy will be increased. It will also empower eInclusion, integrating the older generations into the digital world by motivating them to participate in politics online.

Competences of the applicant
Founded a news site practicing citizen journalism in 2011 in response to the controversial media law in Hungary at the time and made it successful in a year. Activist in Budapest and Berlin, network in e-democracy circles, both individuals and NGOs.

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  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

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