Posted on 31/05/2014 - 12:04
Idea Outline
A crowdfunding platform to support open and collaborative research on societal scientific challenges.

The Challenge
One important challenge in science and society is finding ways in which independent scientific progress can benefit society at most. In order to encourage independent research work and open exchange of information, new incentive systems that will reward creative contributions are needed. There are very few crowdfunding platforms that are focused on science and their main concern is that there is little engagement of the supporting community. Our investigation shows that actually more than 90% of pledgers in the existing platforms are single-time-donors who are from the personal network of one project publisher invited individually to donate. This means that there is no community around the crowdfunding platform itself but only separate groups of people around each project.

The Solution

The FuturICT initiative has formulated a set of Grand Scientific Challenges and has mobilized a large multidisciplinary community around it. We offer to create an open crowdfunding platform, where such scientific challenges can be published by scientists, citizens or institutions to invite open discussions with a larger community, including financial supporters. The platform will be open source and based on Catarse engine. New tools will be implemented to offer voting and quarterly award based funding mechanisms.

Target group and social impact
We plan to make an open call to the scientists and supporting communities to get directly involved in the initiative using our database of community members and social media channels. In addition to that we will invite informal meetings and organize team building and networking activities in universities to support the formation of new crowdfunding projects and to join new collaborators. Based on new funding principle, money will be awarded mostly to the best solutions, not to proposals. In this way, proposal writing and reporting will be made considerably easier.

Competences of the applicant
We are a team of social entrepreneurs, young researchers and professional software developers specialized in the creation of community based web and mobile applications. We collaborate with the “Hamaspyur Foundation” - a non-profit social organisation supporting the creation of next generation Social, Economic and ICT platforms for the community development.

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    We already have many of the answers, if only we can amplify what works and create streamlined channels for co-creative participation. It is also important that this participatory work does not involve massive (time, money, trust consuming) 'formalization' upfront, and that the contributions are kept in a 'long memory'. As I understand this entry, these factors are covered and this is important. Gets my vote