INCOLLI - Crowd-learning and Local Impact
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 11:48
Idea Outline
Hybrid of technology & human know-how, to implement social innovation projects where feedback and learning goes into the databases of good practices. A learning system for social entrepreneurs & the larger community of change agents & organisations.

The Challenge
Aid-agencies, NGOs and similar change organisations like, cChange, GIZ etc. are often confronted with what can be called “the challenge of the last mile” and “the problem of the ‘isolated many’.” So far isolated knowledge, project and task management systems are used to creating know-how silos. Also, the many stakeholders and people intervening in local situations, trying to implement social innovation and change, rarely have a way in which their expertise informs and updates the system-design applied to their situation. This knowledge is sometimes found in conversations near the water coolers, coffee-machines, on the corridors of conferences and on the street. These exchanges are called “knowledge-accidents” because it only accidentally lands on the desk of the project makers.

The Solution

A resilient process and online system allows social entrepreneurs, change agents and volunteers to feed back their first hand understanding of how things can best be done into a larger knowledge database. This digital-social interaction and learning system needs to collect vital and relevant information including learning experiences at each step and turns the feed back into viable knowledge for every next iteration of similar projects. With each step everybody and the entire system learns. With a sufficient number of “on the ground experts” we co-design this process and system, creating the specifications that an online system would need to support this ongoing learning process. We envision a digital-social interaction system for crowd-learning and local impact.

Target group and social impact
INCOLLI is geared to social entrepreneurs, individual change agents in formal or informal worknets, and change organizations (like EuropeAid, Future Earth,, Earthwatch, Edgeryders) policy makers (local, regional, national and EU). We expect INCOLLI to impact the learning, design, communication and effectiveness of projects and activities of change organizations. This can be used: -by social entrepreneurs as real-time “learning system” that gives them access to a global knowledge and task management system -by change agents as a crowdsourcing system for volunteer tasks, and for understanding and tackling local challenges -by policy makers to gain insight into good practices that work well “on the ground” and to discuss projections and plans with the community of change agents

Competences of the applicant
Mushin Schilling & Anne Caspari have worked in complex system analysis, design, implementation & facilitation. We bring diverse expertise: Leadership & adult development, university teaching, systemic constellation, personal development coaching and training, management training, business meshworking and organisational development, software architecture, leading multi-stakeholder projects.

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    This project helps solve the problem of root cause philosophy. By facilitating feedback from those involved in the system interventions, no single intervention point is privileged. Likewise, feedback could be extrapolated across systems, possibly leading to generalization of effective interventions.