Place4Waste App - optimising value from waste.
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 13:04
Idea Outline
The Place4Waste App is an innovative business services tool for optimising value from waste for waste source business prospects and financial incentives to reduce environmental impact.

The Challenge
For both Waste Producers (businesses and local authorities acting on behalf of households) and Waste Managers (waste facility site operators, carriers, brokers and dealers), getting the lowest cost waste disposal and the most competitive price for recyclable materials is key to efficient waste management, as well as to support investment, business returns or financial incentives to reduce environmental impact. But, expectations to be paid for recyclable material commodities are in conflict with having to pay for disposal services. This has stifled any effective open internet-based waste-recycling market. Without an open market, capable of combining disposal costs with value in recovered materials, prices vary enormously – which destabilises interest in waste source business opportunities.

The Solution

Place4Waste Ltd have developed an innovative business services concept tool based on an “app” for mobile devices (smart phones and tablet/notebooks), along with supporting software and a database, with which to optimise value from waste. A core innovative functionality of the concept is to combine competitive bidding for waste disposal services and for recycling commodity values in a single seamless transaction. Place4Waste Ltd also have extensive market research and customer profiling which identified additional key features needed to make the Place4Waste App intuitive, simple, quick-and-easy, enjoyable and useful – these now require proof of concept by developing and testing an “alpha” interface prototype to validate customer approval, technical feasibility and commercial potential.

Target group and social impact
The Place4Waste App aims to unleash market forces for waste recycling, primarily within commercial, public and charity sectors, where thus far these drivers are constrained by environmental burocracy, or just of too low value to be of any worthwhile interest. Exposing value and simplifying compliant waste transactions generates recycling rewards and incentives for Waste Producers – leading to greater social engagement in recycling, less landfill and a reduction in environmental impact. Waste Managers benefit from better logistics and profit by focusing on ever-increasing demands for quality in recycled materials and sustainability. Since Europe shares common waste-recycling regulations and practices, the Place4Waste App concept will have a wide scope for replication across the continent.

Competences of the applicant
Place4Waste Ltd brings together a powerful team with complementary talents, comprising of over 150 years combined experience and relevant expertise to deliver a common goal: “value in waste”. The team skills cover prior successful business start-up, software development and commercialisation, environmental and waste regulations, as well as private, public and voluntary sector business management.

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