Interactive CV 21
 Posted on 31/05/2014 - 14:51
Idea Outline
Time to say Good Bye to the old boring CV outlook. Here is the idea of how to making you CV look more attractive and creative. Interactive CV 21 is a flexible tool to manage all your life achievements and represent them in a way most suites you.

The Challenge
The main problem of the old school outlook of the CV is that is strict and conservative. It doesn't gives you any freedom to be creative. The only purpose that it has is to make all the data CVs to look like each other. The CV itself is never sufficient - the recruiter aways need a motivation letter or letter of recommendations which is making the file or the paper inflow more bigger and harder to mange. The person who is submitting the CV has the difficult task to keep track of several different CV depending on the positions she/he is applying. Also there are the space limitation of the fields of the CV and the topics one can write about, what if you want to tell something about you which you consider worth to be know by the recruiter but there is no such a field in the CV?

The Solution

It is all about the freedom of expressing yourself and being creative .
And "Interactive CV 21" will be just the tool that will give this freedom.
The tool will be fully customized by the users and everyone will have the freedom of creating different sections like "work experience" and "volunteering". In those section they can and as much layers of describing their experience than the knowledge they have gained. But in a section you don't have only the layers with the text but also the possibility to upload any kind of images, tables, even short video just to make things more attractive.
And when the user apply for a job they can generate a unique presentation of themselves and choose which information to be used for representing them.

Target group and social impact
The target group: everyone on the labour market. The impact: I believe that the "Interactive CV 21" might become a tool for more precise way of finding the right people for the right job. It will give the freedom of people to be more creative and descriptive about their background and experiences. In the same time this will be a huge database which will give access for international collaboration as not only the recruiters will have access to the search options but the users as well.

Competences of the applicant
My background is mostly related to the Financial and IT sciences. This combination gives me the perspective of finding a new ways of replacing and improving old styles systems and bringing innovation in a strict areas as Human Resources.

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