Check my Therapy - One more drug support!
 Posted on 04/04/2014 - 22:10
Idea Outline
More issues, more medicines, more therapies? Check my Therapy helps you to verify drugs' compatibility. Check my Therapy, one more drug support!

The Challenge
We live in an era in which the use of medicine has greatly increased. We often use the Internet as a medium to find accurate information. Many doctors do not have the patient’s full medical history and prescription records, risking the prescription of incompatible medicine. The aim is to support the initial analysis of such issues. Check my Therapy (CMT) gathers information from a range of up to the minute sources, which are integrated into the CMT app. The information is used to create a daily support tool increasing the user’s awareness of issues relating to incompatible treatments or medicines.

The Solution

By means of CMT app you can compare drugs composition in your therapy. If the result show incompatible drugs, this app will alert you. You will also get the list and the total amount of drug components in the whole therapy. CMT will process and return multi-source certified information via open data analysis. This app will be further developed and up-to-date and will provide users with notifications about compatibilities, will remind you drugs assumption scheduling. Moreover you will be given the possibility to share your drug and therapy experiences with other users through social network interation.

Target group and social impact
CMT has a wide spectrum of users, including whoever needs drug therapy. Such users usually need a preliminary analysis on drug compatibility, since they usually get prescription from different doctors rather than a single one. CMT is not meant to substitute medician but it aims to make drug information easy to understand and available to anyone. Medicians contribution will lead CMT to further evolve creating new contents and expert communities that will interact among them.

Competences of the applicant
We are a ICT expert team, composed by developers, project managers and social network experts. Starting from the involvement of different stakeholders we identify needs and find solutions for a variety of users. Let’s build our future together!

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